About Me


Debbie has been practicing yoga since 2002, has coordinated a corporate wellness program since 2001 and is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Her classes make yoga accessible to everyone from new practitioners to athletes to more advanced yogis. She is an E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) with Yoga Alliance. Additionally, Debbie successfully completed a certification intensive on teaching Yoga for Athletes where she studied with Sage Rountree in 2012. In 2013, she completed an intensive on teaching Yin Yoga. Studying under Josh Summers provided her the opportunity to hone her Yin teaching skills as well as enhance her knowledge on meditation, chakra study and meridian theory. She became a certified Relax and Renew® Restorative Teacher in 2014, studying with Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD. In 2016, she traveled again to study with Judith and successfully completed Level 2: Relax & Renew®: Therapeutics of Restorative Yoga. Debbie is also a Reiki, level II practitioner and MBSR trained. She has also participated in numerous workshops and trainings, several with master yoga teachers.


Debbie first stepped onto the mat in 2002 seeking stress relief like so many others. She quickly realized that yoga was a wonderful compliment to her gym workouts and bike rides. It was when she learned to apply yogic techniques to everyday activities that she realized the power of yoga and immersed herself in teacher training. Debbie believes that yoga is for every body regardless of age, weight or gender and that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a regular practice. She teaches with compassion, sensitivity and motivation, encouraging students to reach their edge, but not exceed their limitations. She will remind class that yoga is not about turning your body into a pretzel but rather finding a mind, body, breath connection and seeking your fullest potential on the mat.


Debbie developed Not Your Mothers Yoga ™, a yoga program for high school and college athletes. The program provides a mindful combination of Yang postures, which are strength and heat building, and Yin postures, which focus on connective tissue and fascia. 


Prior to being at the school, Debbie worked in the multimedia industry for 10 years where she was in advertising and marketing. This is where she developed her creativity, resourcefulness and refined her business and communication skills.

While she loves teaching, studying and practicing yoga, Debbie also has a variety of interests

that range from music and sports, to travel and checking out the latest trendy restaurant. You

can find her at the beach or laughing with friends. After all she

would say “everything in moderation.”