Not Your Mothers Yoga


Not Your Mothers Yoga is a yoga program designed for the pre-season High School & College Athlete. Each class offers breath work, strength building postures, balance and coordination, mental control and focus; as well as postures that increase flexibility and work connective tissue. This combination of a Yang and Yin practice provides the well-rounded practice that will show athletes how to bring their bodies into better balance so they can train and perform in their sport with more efficiency and keep their head in the game.

Why Should Athletes Do Yoga?

  • Increased strength throughout the body.
  • Improved joint and muscle flexibility = greater range of motion.
  • May help prevent injury, especially overuse injury.
  • Increased endurance and efficiency.
  • Improved lean muscle mass especially in underutilized muscle groups.
  • Breath awareness and linking breath to motion = increased oxygen supply = enhanced endurance and power.
  • Cultivate focus = helps you stay in the zone while competing.
  • Works the body in different planes of motion.
  • Yin postures = gently stretch the connective tissue.
  • Practicing yoga with teammates = builds camaraderie, teamwork, accountability and relationships.