"Debbie is a clear, kind teacher with a wealth of experience and training. Her classes make the benefits of yoga accessible to athletes of all ages and levels."

- Sage Rountree, PhD, author of “The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga”

"I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and have never found an instructor that has inspired me as Debbie has done.  She reflects the true intention and spirit of yoga.  No matter a person's experience or abilities, Debbie helps them to individually discover what yoga can offer for them and encourages them to stretch as far as they want to go.  She makes everyone feel respected and appreciated in class and creates a sense of community that is warm and welcoming.  I have learned and grown so much from practicing with Debbie, so it is no wonder that her students never want to miss her class!"     - - Pam

"What makes Debbie a unique and special yoga instructor is her interactions with her students. You have her complete attention whether she is helping you with a pose, guiding you as you set an intention for your practice, or simply offering encouragement and support.  For that moment in time, you are the only student in her class."

- Faye, yoga student

"I’ve been taking Debbie’s yoga classes for almost three years now and have grown so much as a yogi. She fosters an environment that encourages you to develop your own practice in the midst of the flows she creates — exactly what your body and mind need at your own pace. Her classes fit folks from a wide range of ages and experience and is able to challenge and meet everyone at their levels. I never want to miss her class!"

- MJ Warden

"Debbie makes yoga fun but challenging. Her pacing, cueing, and demonstration make it easy for beginners or advanced students to understand new poses and follow along. Debbie offers modifications for those who may need it, whether it is due to injury or for those who want additional challenge. I’ve practiced with other instructors, but have never found another instructor who has helped my strength, balance and flexibility, as Debbie has been able to do."

- Ellen, avid runner in Chicago & Denver

"I've taken many exercise classes from many different instructors. As soon as Debbie began class, I immediately knew that I was in good hands. Debbie knows her craft and offers a motivating, challenging and balanced class. Clearly, she cares about what she is doing and wants to have a positive, healthy impact on her students' lives."

- Joan

"As a first time yoga student, Debbie worked with me to modify yoga poses so that I would not aggravate an old injury. She also demonstrated modifications for other students as well. After five months of practicing two times a week, and with Debbie’s encouragement, I could finally sustain poses without the modifications and without discomfort."


"I decided to treat my friends to (a private) yoga class and with Debbie’s insighfulness and skill my party was absolutely amazing! My friends (tough critics and many experienced yoga instructors) are still raving about it! Debbie’s talent as an instructor coupled with her soothing voice and ability to quickly adjust to our various levels created the PERFECT class for me. Debbie incorporated all the things we had discussed into the most well balanced and personalized class I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of classes throughout the years. I already have Debbie booked for future events!"

-Jill Ferdman, Deerfield, IL